In making the decision to openly track discuss and document ones illness I have grappled as to where I should start. In doing so have managed to waste time and add to the level anxiety I have in undertaking this little project of mine.

I have to accept that before I even start that it will not be the perfect entry, the perfect blog or likely to add to the conversation. Instead I have to see this as one method I can use in combating my illness and assist me towards a recovery. I hope that there is something in it for the peopl that choose to read.

I have decided to let it all come out. How it comes out I have no idea. The starting point is now and what has happened will find its way out somehow.

These entries give me a task to focus on and a goal that I can achieve each day.

I start writing this after only a few days of entering a place where I feel safe and can get respite for both the body and the mind.

The body has readily accepted the surrounds and has started to unwind, my mind is another story, trying to uncluttered a mind that has so much anxiety and irrational thoughts colliding inside it has required a lot of additional energy and some helpful medication. We are getting there and I am sure that in the days to come I can manage a calm and peacefulness that I seek. That is the point of being here after all.

So I offer up my experiences.



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